About CSSline 📜

First version of CSSline (2009)

First version was born in 2009 when @virlander wasn't satisfied with the websites that CSS showcase sites like CSS Beauty ⚱ and Stylegala ⚱ provided.

@virlander teamed with @jyrki (both of them worked as developers at Valve) to create the first version of CSSline that was running on a custom frontend (jQuery đŸ€”) and custom backend (CodeIgniter 😎) hosted by Slicehost Rackspace.

CSSline custom logo was done by @mufacik & Junnu.fi.

In 2012 @nivaladesign created a new design for CSSline but for some strange reason we didn't have never time to actually code that version.

Latest version of CSSline (2020)

When @teemumeet joined Valve, @virlander showcased CSSline to him (@jyrki had gone to Reaktor earlier) and they started to develop a new version of CSSline using Angular.js Angular 4 React React+Next.js React+Razzle (Nodejs, Razzle, React, Redux, Styled-components + Firebase) in 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020.

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